The Carolina Spiritual Science Center offers a variety of ongoing meditations, workshops, classes and activities to inspire and support the development of the sincere spiritual seeker. The Center welcomes all to join in a fellowship that transcends our differences and honors the growth of the soul through spiritual science (see guidelines).

CSSC was founded in 1983 by the Rev. Margaret Moum. "Rev. Billie', as she is affectionately known by her students, shared her love of the ancient wisdom teachings first through the National Spiritual Science Center in Washington DC. Upon retiring to Spartanburg, she began the Carolina Spritual Science Center,offering a school program of progressive development through the discipline of deep study and meditation.

Today the Center and School, administered by a Board of Directors, continue to provide an opportunity for a questing spirit to unfold along the path of the Soul. In harmony and respect, we join our hearts and minds to find the truth that inspires the will to good. Through all of the Center activities runs the golden thread of the perennial wisdom teachings. Each may find their own path to intuitive knowledge of the oneness at the source of all supported by this community founded upon Aquarian principles, lit and guided by that golden thread leading into a future worthy of our dreams.

As always, email us if you have any questions.

Spiritual Science Guidelines

1. Love is the foundation of all creation, the divine light that transcends all.

2. God, the universal Creative Energy, the creator and sustainer of the universe permeates all within it. The universe is a whole, in a dynamic state of constant growth.

3. The life drive of every entity aims at complete unification with the Universal Creative Power.

4. We, as immortal spirits and co-creators, are the masters of our own destiny, completely responsible for every thought, word and deed.

5. Individual free will embodies a relationship to Universal Will. Growth of awareness and spirituality is directly coupled to the increase of the role of Universal Will.

6. Wisdom, the secret of all religion, the power of the mysteries, and the essence of all philosophy, lies latent in humanity, awaiting the discovery and realization of the light and power of God within.

7. Communication at spirit levels is a fact and everyone is psychic. The path of wisdom, however, is seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. All things are added to us as we grow.

8. Soul unfoldment is the purpose of life. Fraternal service is the way of life.

9. The God Force is just, impersonal and totally accepting, drawing all to perfection.



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