School Of Spiritual Science Information

Fall semester for new Students
Begins in August, yearly
Administered by the Board of Directors of CSSC

Purpose and Goals

*The School presents a program of practical spirituality, which addresses the issue of building and living in a world of peace, abundance, health, loving relationships, success and fulfillment. In order to live in such a world, the student is taught how to move from theoretical to practical spirituality. Thus, by the application of Truth gleaned from the works of leading philosophers and sages, the student is trained to transform illusion and negativity into a dynamic and positive reality. Each student may choose to meet the requirements to achieve a basic healing certificate, an academic certificate along the lay track or ordination as a Minister of Spiritual Science.

*Esoterically, it can be stated that the goal of the four year curriculum is to assist our students to help themselves develop a more fully soul-infused personality. This is a two-fold process:

1.The development of discipline through learning and applying the knowledge gathered from reading, study, and homework as outlined in the syllabus for each semester, along with supplemental guidance from the teaching staff.

2.The stabilizing of the personality through application of meditation exercises with guidance from the instructors in order to attract the intuition and creativity of the soul.

*These goals are offered as a guideline to the student to assess their own progress.

* At the end of the first semester you will begin to see greater harmony manifesting in your physical life, environment and personality.

* During the second semester you will find the emotional body becoming calmer and more manageable as discipline and detachment take hold.

* As you assume more responsibility for your own development, right thinking, wise discrimination and creative action will begin to characterize your life.

* Through each year of study you will notice a further healing of self taking place within and without.

* You will learn the meaning of holding the mind steady in the light. A loving energy will be part of your daily experience. You will feel an integration of the personality and Spirit through your understanding and application of mindfulness and harmlessness.

* Gradually, as you access the Higher self and the world of soul, a natural and willing commitment to serve and to give expression to the Soul will manifest in your life in whatever place and circumstance you find yourself.

*Each student grows in their own way and at their own pace. There are no timetables for soul development. When you permit each change to take hold, you allow healing to fill your life, and hope to give you vision and incentive for further growth. The Soul infused life is joyful, creative and dynamic, leading ever on to new horizons and opportunities.


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