1st Year

SS 101: First Steps in Unfolding Awareness
(Prerequisite: High School Diploma or Equivalency)

*This semester is designed to focus the mind of the student, using creative meditation and visualization techniques to create a bridge between the Soul and the personality. We look at the functions and purpose of the Soul, and the student is introduced to the study of subtle energy, it's nature, role and effects, the basic precepts of Spiritual Science, and the first steps in psychic development.

SS 102: An Examination of Death, Dying and Post-Earthly Life
(Prerequisite: Successful completion of SS 101)

*This semester we look at the Soul's purpose for incarnating and the esoteric process of dying and post-earthly life, in order to give the student a greater awareness of their own path through reincarnations and an increased potential to aid and comfort others in situations near death. The nature of symbols, both personal and cosmic, is approached through studies, homework, lectures, meditations and dream interpretations. An oral/written book report on a related subject, and the creation of a personal obituary are also required. Personal process work for transitioning, journaling and the lesson of forgiveness make this semester outstanding for the completion of the first year of study in spiritual science.


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