2nd Year

SS 201: Unifying Concepts in World Religions I
(Prerequisite: Successful completion of SS 102)

*A study of the roots, evolution and unifying concepts of the world religions is the theme of this semester's course. The golden thread of truth is traced through a study of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Highlighted in the semester is a study of the esoteric interpretations of the Old Testament, the basic teaching of Yogic philosophy, exploration into the techniques of deliberate creation control, and other ancient teachings of the masters.

*Meditation this semester is designed to further bring the student into a heightened state of intuitive awareness as well as an understanding of how the personality and its complexities can hinder spiritual development. The interdependence of thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, and their influence on the student's life is studied and applied. Discussion, lectures and experiential exercises bring these concepts to life.

SS 202: Unifying Concepts in World Religions II
(Presrequisite: Successful completion of SS 201)

*The study of world religions, their underlying principles and universal truths is continued. Students will have an opportunity to research and present to the class written reports on religions, which include: The Greek philosophers, Native Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Mayan, Church of the Latter Day Saints, Society of Friends, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventist and Yoruba beliefs. We also study the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and explore various ways to attain balance and harmony in our lives. Students are asked to attend a service at a place of worship (churches, temple, mosque, etc.) not of their own faith and to share an account of their experience with the class.

*Through continued emphasis on heightening personal awareness, maintaining a focus on the present, and correlation of our thoughts, words and actions, we learn how to create and manifest our dreams. Home and classroom meditations, as well as exercises in psychic development, complement and enhance our studies.


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