3rd Year

SS 301: The Foundation of Spiritual Healing I
(Prerequisite: Successful completion of SS 202)

*The study of spiritual healing for third year students focuses on the healing of self and others. The student is introduced to the vital psychic centers or chakras, physical anatomy, and the functions of the endocrine system. Assigned reading from ancient teachings and current writers, from ancient mystery schools and recent medical breakthroughs, to quantum physics as applied to healing, all enable the student to analyze his situation and break through old patterns of habit and thought. Etheric healing techniques and other complementary modalities are demonstrated.

*Meditation this semester is designed to bring the student into a personal awareness of the body's energy centers and to understand how the personality and its complexities can hinder or block spiritual development.

SS 302: The Foundation of Spiritual Healing II

(Prerequisite: Successful completion of SS 301)

*The second semester continues the previous semester's work. Advanced procedures are demonstrated and applied. Advanced meditations attune the students to their subtle bodies and help build the bridge to the higher self and ultimately, the soul. Class discussions explore new advances in healing. Students will write a Healing Prayer and prepare an oral/written book report on a related subject.

*At the end of the third year, successful completion of all attendance, homework, meditation and other class requirements results in an academic certificate of completion.

*In addition to these requirements, the student who desires to develop toward service as a healer will have the opportunity for additional training resulting in the Basic Healing Certificate. Through this training, mentoring by the teaching staff and service in the healing meditations, the student will learn to successfully demonstrate an understanding and application of Etheric healing techniques, plus the ability to hold a clear focused channel for healing energies.


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