4th Year

SS 401:Foundations of the Ministry I
(Prerequisite for lay track: successful completion of SS 302)
(Prerequisite for ordination: Invitation by the CSSC Board)

*The fourth year is designed to provide deeper growth and development for the student seeking enlightenment through the study of the ancient mysteries and philosophies. Exploring the creation and evolution of the human race, the earth, and the universe, and the individual's place and connection with the universal powers are highlighted in this semester. An understanding of the influence of cosmic energies upon peoples and nations, and a study of initiations as they affect humanity and the cosmos, is examined through a study of the Qabalah, the Tarot, Cosmic Doctrine and Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine as presented through the Divine Plan.

*The meditations this semester are designed to further awaken the psychic connection between the student's mental mind and spiritual mind and bring a conscious awareness of the higher aspects of one's self. Discussion, lectures and experiential exercises bring these concepts to life.

*The student will know the requirements for the lay track or ordination track well in advance to allow for deep consideration and meditation upon the decision. Each choice offers an equally rewarding and important path of service.

SS 402: Foundations of the Ministry II
(Prerequisite for lay track: Successful completion of SS 401)
(Prerequisite for Ordination: Invitation by The CSSC Board)

The second half of the fourth year continues the studies of the ancient mysteries and philosophies as we work with such classics as Manly P Hall's Secret Teachings, Dion Fortune's Mystical Qabalah, and the Tarot. It is through these three vehicles that we deepen our knowledge of the universal language of symbolism - the language of God-Goddess, and through which we strengthen and create our alliances with the archetypes which are the vehicles of God-Goddess. We learn of co-creation in partnership with God-Goddess, with Higher Self and Soul-Spirit. The creation of the cosmos, earth, and the origin of the human race are studied from various perspectives. We study the components of miracles and how to create them for ourselves and for our world.

*Meditations are from the Secret Teachings and the Tarot cards. Students will paint their own Tarot cards. Instruction in the basics of giving intuitive readings is given. Each student will give three taped 20 minute readings, to explore whether this is a gift and talent that you wish to further develop. The fourth year provides preparation for further entrance into the mysteries. Upon completion, the student has established a firm foundation for further spiritual growth and expansion.

*Ministerial students will complete additional training requirements which are designed to address the major aspects and functions of a minister's role and service.


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